So what do you believe?

There are no objective values in the world. Good and evil aren't woven into the fabric of space and time, nor can they be correctly logically derived from any first principles. The only values that exist in the world are the values created by people, all people individually. These values are immeasurable even to ourselves, and cannot be compared between individuals. Any system you could use to determine which values supercede the others would itself be just another arbitrary value system.

Thus, there is no sound basis to conclude that any value or value system supercedes any other outside of our individual wants. Because of this, the default position is that no value or value system does supercede any other, a position of moral egalitarianism. If nobody's will does supercede another's, all people (and organizations of people) are peers and thus equals of each other, to have their own autonomy and will but not to impose their will on others. I believe that any society must be formed through negotiation as peers, that the values a society is formed to achieve are decided through this process of negotiation.

I believe that there is a widely-held value of fairness, and that applying this value of fairness to our actions produces responsibility, and that applying responsibility to our interactions produces justice, and that applying justice (and responsibility) to durable consequences of our actions gives us [something I am calling, for lack of better word] property. I believe that property is so far removed from autonomy in this system that it is not of primary legal relevance, it is something that, like its prerequisites, is open to negotiation, but not like autonomy, which is a prerequisite even for negotiation.

I believe that the only defensible form of property is property that exists as a debt exists, that property crime (such as theft) can never justify violence against a person (violating their autonomy), and this is not the kind of property that is instituted today.

I believe that the union of egoists is the fundamental template for just organization, with membership at will and without the need for contracts, controlled ultimately by the members, that these organizations can join with others in federation as their members do, in order to achieve their common goals. I imagine that a society formed of these organizations would see each organization narrow in scope like a company, rather than broad-scoped like a commune, and each person would be a member of various all at once, each democratically operated for their particular purpose, and that these organizations need to form before any graceful exit from capitalism will be possible.

Ultimately, I believe that the only society worth defending is a society formed directly by its members and for its members, and until we reach such a society, preserving widespread control of the means of sustaining and asserting one's will against the unjust existing society is of the utmost importance, as systems of domination over others have shown themselves to be so resilient and pervasive that there's a realistic chance they might take such an advantage as can never be overcome.