Welcome. If you're interested in what I think, a brief statement of beliefs can be found here.


  1. What is Property?, 1840, by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the first self-described anarchist.
  2. The Conquest of Bread, 1906, by P√ętr Kropotkin
  3. The Ego and Its Own, 1845, by Max Stirner
  4. Stirner's Critics, 1845, by Max Stirner


  1. Spooks, fixed ideas, and ideology, and a companion list of Stirner's use of the term "spook".
  2. Ethics and Morality, a quick summary of my position.
  3. Egoism, and how Stirner's egoism differs from other uses of the term.
  4. Dear Ancap, on why I am no longer one of you.
  5. Rejecting anarcho-capitalism, and the reasoning that initially led me away from it.
  6. Argumentation Ethics and its problems.